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Information on this page is updated via a feed from the London Stock Exchange's Regulatory News Service. To retrieve the full story please click on the headline. Stories will open in a new window.
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07/11/2017Reg. News07:00Director/PDMR Shareholding
01/11/2017Reg. News16:06Total Voting Rights
07/09/2017Reg. News07:34Statement re: the Legacy Review
31/08/2017Reg. News07:00Half-year Report
17/08/2017Reg. News16:00Holding(s) in Company
08/08/2017Reg. News07:00Notice of Results
02/08/2017Reg. News07:00Total Voting Rights
18/05/2017Reg. News07:00Result of AGM
18/04/2017Reg. News07:00Annual Financial Report & AGM Notice
11/04/2017Reg. News14:06SCILDON - new name for Legal & General Nederland
06/04/2017Reg. News07:00Completion of LGN acquisition
31/03/2017Reg. News07:00Final Results
30/03/2017Reg. News17:15Acquisition
06/03/2017Reg. News12:11Notice of Results
06/01/2017Reg. News07:00Holding(s) in Company
19/12/2016Reg. News07:00Holding(s) in Company
16/12/2016Reg. News16:56Update on Excess Applications
16/12/2016Reg. News14:15Holding(s) in Company
15/12/2016Reg. News08:00Admission of Shares
14/12/2016Reg. News07:00Directorate Change
13/12/2016Reg. News16:202016 EGM Results, TVR and Director Dealing
13/12/2016Reg. News07:00Results of Placing and Open Offer
24/11/2016Reg. News17:25Publication of a Prospectus
24/11/2016Reg. News07:01Proposed Acquisition and Placing
22/11/2016Reg. News07:10Statement regarding market speculation
22/11/2016Reg. News07:00Statement regarding press speculation
26/10/2016Reg. News07:00Directorate Change
29/09/2016Reg. News10:07Holding(s) in Company
31/08/2016Reg. News07:00Half-year Report
30/08/2016Reg. News07:00Holding(s) in Company
10/08/2016Reg. News12:17Notice of Results
04/07/2016Reg. News10:32Holding(s) in Company
14/06/2016Reg. News16:30Notification of director share interest
25/05/2016Reg. News13:41Holding(s) in Company
19/05/2016Reg. News07:00Result of AGM
19/05/2016Reg. News07:00Appointment of new joint broker
19/05/2016Reg. News07:00Directorate Change
28/04/2016Reg. News13:32Director/PDMR Shareholding
20/04/2016Reg. News07:00Annual Financial Report 2015 and AGM Notice
31/03/2016Reg. News07:00Final Results
24/03/2016Reg. News08:45Notice of Results
11/03/2016Reg. News15:45Holding(s) in Company
03/03/2016Reg. News08:34Statement re Legacy Review
03/03/2016Reg. News08:34Statement re Legacy Review
30/11/2015Reg. News13:56Holding(s) in Company
19/11/2015Reg. News07:00Interim Management Statement
13/10/2015Reg. News18:17Holding(s) in Company
28/08/2015Reg. News07:00Half Yearly Report
10/08/2015Reg. News11:22Notice of Results
20/05/2015Reg. News07:00Acquisition

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