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Welcome to the Investor Relations Centre

Founded in April 1994, ANGLE is an international Venture and Management Services company focusing on the commercialisation of technology and the development of technology-based industry.

ANGLE creates, develops and advises technology businesses on our own behalf and for our clients.


ANGLE founds, develops and operates its own technology-based businesses. Utilising our in-house Progeny® process, we commercialise intellectual property developed by technology partners in the academic, private and public sectors. The Progeny® process enables proven experienced management to be deployed right from the start-up of our ventures.

Management Services

ANGLE provides a range of specialist Management services, including work supporting:

bullet Government and other public-sector organisations in the development and implementation of regional and national strategies for the creation and development of the technology sector;

bullet Corporate, Government and academic research establishments in commercialisation of intellectual property;

bullet Technology-based companies in creating and growing their businesses.

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24/11/2016Result of GM
04/11/2016Barts Research Supports Potential Use of Parsortix

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