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15/03/2017Reg. News13:54Announcement
03/03/2017Reg. News11:55Delay In Publication Of Interim Results
27/02/2017Reg. News09:18Announcement
27/01/2017Reg. News10:54Update on Suspension
26/01/2017Reg. News09:25Directorate Changes
06/01/2017Reg. News09:50Update on Annual Report
28/12/2016Reg. News11:03Result of AGM
23/12/2016Reg. News10:47Further Re: Transaction, Placing and Circular
22/12/2016Reg. News10:17Update on Annual Report
08/12/2016Reg. News09:33Update on Annual Report
23/11/2016Reg. News09:43Notice of AGM
08/11/2016Reg. News08:00Update on Annual Report
14/10/2016Reg. News09:00Delay in Despatch of Circular
29/09/2016Reg. News07:00Expected Delay in Publication of Annual Results
28/09/2016Reg. News13:18Temporary Suspension
28/09/2016Reg. News13:15Suspension - Asian Citrus Holdings Limited
25/08/2016Reg. News14:29Acquisition and Placing
11/08/2016Reg. News11:55Trading Update
18/05/2016Reg. News09:33Market Update
30/03/2016Reg. News09:00Summer Orange Crop
26/02/2016Reg. News10:11Half Yearly Report
28/01/2016Reg. News09:11Winter Orange Crop and Trading Update
07/01/2016Reg. News13:38Change in Auditor
29/12/2015Reg. News14:15Market Update
18/12/2015Reg. News09:50Winter Orange Crop
12/11/2015Reg. News12:59Result of AGM and Directorate Changes
30/10/2015Reg. News11:32Directorate Change
09/10/2015Reg. News09:30Publication of Annual Report and Notice of AGM
30/09/2015Reg. News14:22Final Results
25/09/2015Reg. News14:41Amendment of Notice of Results
09/09/2015Reg. News09:00Trading Update
01/09/2015Reg. News09:00Notice of Results
04/08/2015Reg. News12:00Directorate Changes
03/08/2015Reg. News14:03Company Secretary Change
20/07/2015Reg. News09:51Significant Shareholder Dealings
15/07/2015Reg. News11:38Significant Shareholder Dealings
13/07/2015Reg. News14:26Holding in Company and Director Dealing
13/07/2015Reg. News08:19Clarification Announcement
08/06/2015Reg. News09:00Holding(s) in Company
05/06/2015Reg. News09:00Summer Orange Harvest
03/06/2015Reg. News11:40Holding(s) in Company
21/05/2015Reg. News11:08Grant of Share Options
07/05/2015Reg. News09:00Market Update
15/04/2015Reg. News09:00Market Update
20/03/2015Reg. News08:00Summer Orange Crop
26/02/2015Reg. News08:00Half Yearly Report
03/02/2015Reg. News09:13Holding(s) in Company
02/02/2015Reg. News08:00Notice of Results
30/01/2015Reg. News08:00Winter Orange Crop and Trading Update
12/01/2015Reg. News08:27Holding(s) in Company

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